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SISU March Player of the Month: Zoe Ling

This might only be her second semester on the team, but freshman back Zoe Ling has already proven herself on the pitch. Her positive attitude and willingness to grow as a player and a leader on the field makes Zoe both an invaluable UMWRFC rugger, and someone that even the vets can look to for a helping hand. Read below to find out more about our March Player of the Month, Zoe Ling!



Zoe Ling






Novi, MI



How long have you been playing?

1 semester


Outside Center

Why rugby?

I joined on a whim because I was approached during Festifall, but I stayed because rugby makes me feel empowered and strong. Also, the people and the community in rugby are so strong and I wanted to be just like all of them.

In 5 years, what do you see yourself doing?

At the moment, I'm still unsure, but tentatively I'll be working at a consulting firm learning and gaining experience for a future career.

Favorite place in Ann Arbor? 

Mary Markley Hall because my roommate and a lot of my friends live there!

Favorite memory at Michigan so far? 

My favorite moment at Michigan so far was the few times that my closest friends were all gathered in my room and we would update each other on our lives and what was happening and just talk until 4 in the morning. I really treasure deep connections so being able to do that with people definitely helped in making me feel less alone and part of the company.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why? 

I have so many inspirations, so I'll stick with team inspirations. Two people in particular on the Rugby team that I really look up to are Jill Cwycyshyn and Phoebe Block. Jill is my big and an absolute beast on the field. She's not only a nice person, but she's always down to help anyone anytime. She was the very first person that I met during rookie clinic and she probably is one of the main reasons I came back for my second practice. I hope that when I'm a junior, I'll be just as good as her. On the other hand Phoebe is also amazing on the field, but I more look up to her as she is the only other business major on the team. Phoebe is such a hard worker, always knowing what to prioritize and what she needs to do to have a social/academic balance. She also wants to use her knowledge and work ethic to make the world a better place, even though she very easily could be super successful in Investment Banking or Private Equity.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be? 

Peanut butter chocolate because I love peanut butter!

Favorite food or guilty pleasure?

My favorite foods are dumplings, noodles, cheese and sandwiches. My guilty pleasure foods are hot dogs and mac and cheese. My go-to cuisine is Chinese/any type of Asian food. My favorite desserts are anything with custard, including but not limited to: flan, Boston cream donuts, and creme brulee. My favorite fruits are mangoes and watermelons. My least favorite foods are tree nuts.

Best class you've taken at Michigan!

The best class I've taken at Michigan was my first year seminar Asian Food and Gender. Though it was sort of a blow off class, I was able to complete my final project as an interview with my mother. In this interview, I learned so much about what she had to overcome to get to the United States and I felt so much closer to her and my dad after the whole interview.

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