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SISU April Player of the Month: Julia "Jeb" Ebben

The SISU Player of the Month for April is known for being studious both on and off the field. She's always willing to put in the work and help out wherever she's needed. She's also been our fearless Alumna Chair for 2 years now. Let's learn more about one of our most dependable teammates: Julia "Jeb" Ebben!




Lake Orion, MI


Political Science, International Studies, & German Studies

How long have you been playing?

2 years

Why rugby?

A couple weeks into my freshman year, I spent an evening reading through the list of all 1,600 student orgs at umich. Rugby placed in the top three of my final contenders, and I figured I'd give it a go (my dad had also played in college, so I didn't feel that my parents would really have the grounds to say I couldn't). And then my RA also randomly brought up rugby as an idea of something for me to join (she had no clue I was already considering it), and she then got me in contact with one of her friends who was on the team, and, just like that, I found myself headed out to my first practice. I've stuck with it ever since then because I not only love the sport but also have developed amazing friendships with many of my teammates and just genuinely love UMWRFC.

In 5 years, what do you see yourself doing?

Oof -- asking the hard questions here, huh? I wish I knew the answer! Let's see, five years would put me at three years post-grad... Hopefully I'll have a job! Ha! Optimally, I'd probably be living and working in a moderately-sized city (Where, though? Midwest? East Coast? Germany? It's anyone's guess, really). A big bonus for me would be living near some of my best friends from this phase of my life, because I truly feel that I am surrounded by the best people. And if my friends are spread far & wide (as will likely happen), hopefully I'll be getting to travel a decent amount to visit them. As I see it now, though, my general plan is work a bit after undergrad, build the resume & gain experience while living out my young-/mid-twenties, and then evaluate how I feel about grad school/what the next move is.

Favorite place in Ann Arbor?

TeaHaus is definitely toward the top of the list.

Favorite memory at Michigan so far?

I'm very bad at narrowing things down to just one... I have lots of memories that I treasure. I love a good random dance party with friends, a nice ricotta toast at brunch with my gal pals, a game night every once in a while, spending hours catching up with a friend over coffee, going to an improv show, goofing around at rugby practice, etc. Even sitting with friends in the dining hall has led to some super nice memories. Essentially, as long as I'm with my friends, I'm probably enjoying myself, but I can't pin down one specific "favorite" memory.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Another really difficult question! Although this will probably come off as entirely cliched, I would say that my mom is a huge inspiration to me. She has really been through the wringer at certain points in her life and still manages to be probably the most selfless person I know. When I was in elementary school, I remember that there was one year when she really didn't get much in terms of Christmas gifts from my dad and then, at some point, he told me that what she had asked for was to anonymously pay for a dental surgery that a cashier at our local grocery store needed. If I could emulate even an ounce of this giving spirit of hers, I think that'd be pretty darn cool. Not to keep talking about how cool I think my mom is (just don't read this, mom -- it'll inflate your ego too much!), but I'll end by saying that I totally admire how she is so incredibly & completely unabashedly herself; she knows herself well and doesn't seek external validation to bolster her sense of self-worth.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Coffee! Coffee ice cream has always been, and always will be, the absolute best. It's been my favorite since I was about 2 years old and to betray it now would just feel incredibly wrong.

Favorite food or guilty pleasure?

That'd have to be kale cranberry quesadillas or spiralized beet salad (not guilty pleasures, just favorite foods).

Best class you've taken at Michigan?

RCHUMS 334 - Workshop with Incarcerated Poets and Artists: The Art of Place

Any hidden talents?

I drink about 2 liters of herbal tea on the average day (in seasons of colder weather).

Brunch or linner?

Brunch and then second dinner, but not linner.

Favorite condiment?

As a kid, the answer was definitely mayo. I might have to deviate now, though, and say cranberry sauce (if that counts as a condiment) -- my Thanksgiving plate just wouldn't feel complete without it.

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