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SISU March Player of the Month: Vanessa Rojano

This month's featured SISU Player of the Month is a crucial part of our forward pack and has held the title of Apparel Chair and Treasurer on our Admin Board. She's also known for being relentlessly studious in her academics and extremely hard-working at everything she sets her mind to. Let's give it up to our March featured player: Vanessa Rojano!




Chicago, IL


Mechanical Engineering

How long have you been playing?

5 years

Why rugby?

I started playing because my old basketball coach told me I should play to start preparing for our upcoming season. I continued to play because I enjoyed the sport.

In 5 years, what do you see yourself doing?

Hopefully, working at some engineering firm either in Chicago or somewhere else.

Favorite place in Ann Arbor?

The Arb

Favorite memory at Michigan so far?

Sophomore year, there was a spider hanging from my desk and my roommate and I were freaking out. We didn't know the best way to get rid of it or who would do it, so we were yelling at each other for a long time. We figured the best plan would be to hold a garbage bag underneath it and spray it with hairspray to stun it and make it fall in the bag. I had to hold the bag while she would spray it. After the spider fell, we were both screaming. I closed the bag, ran to the hallway, threw the bag on the floor and hit it repeatedly with my sandal. My roommate also ran towards the door with me but ended up crashing into by bed and cutting her leg. We were screaming and laughing at each other the whole time.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My parents. They do a lot for my siblings, myself and everyone else in our family. They do everything that they can to help those that need it without expecting anything in return even if it may take away from what they have.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Vanilla because it is simple, but it can be changed and become any other flavor if need be.

Favorite food or guilty pleasure?

Ice cream

Best advice you've ever received?

"Every opportunity is an opportunity to an opportunity" and "Smart people ask for help, and they ask questions".

What continent do you most want to visit?

South America

Favorite condiment?


Favorite condiment?

Nutella, hands down.

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