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SISU February Player of the Month: Christa Hansma

Our February SISU Player of the Month is Christa Hansma! As we move into sevens season, Christa has been establishing herself as a strong player on the field! Her skills are diverse and unrelenting; on offense, she is a hard runner who is rarely gets caught thanks to her deceptive runs, and on defense, her tackles are fast and reliable.

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Jenison, Michigan

Major, Minor: Neuroscience, Computer Science

How long have you been playing?

1 and a half semesters

Why rugby?

I went with some friends to my first practice in the fall, and I was originally a little terrified of playing a sport where you get tackled without a helmet or pads!! I had never played a contact sport or tackled anyone before, but I ended up having a lot of fun! I actually loved how aggressive and fast paced the game is, and the hustle and determination it involves. I also played volleyball/tennis in high school and missed being on a team. I was amazed by the supportive and empowering atmosphere on the Rugby team, and I can tell people actually wanted each other succeed and do amazing things on and off the field.

In five years, what do you see yourself doing?

I foresee that I will still be in school, but hopefully it will be graduate school and I will be surrounded by dogs and eating adult food.

What's your favorite place in Ann Arbor?

Salvation Army. I can buy so many sweaters there for such little money, it's a rush.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mom is my biggest inspiration. Since coming to college, I have come to realize how inspiring she truly is. She started her own business, runs marathons, and also has amazing style. I really respect how calm and collected she is in the face of hardship, and she is also killing the single mom life. I really admire her independence and how she has managed to juggle two daughters with working harder than anyone I know!

Favorite Michigan memory so far?


If you were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would you be?

I would definitely be blue moon. No one truly knows what the flavor is- it's a mystery. Some people are suspicious of its bright blue color, but I stick by it as the best flavor ever.

Favorite quote?

"Don't half ass anything. Whatever you do, use your full ass." - Unknown, but I have a mug with this quote on it.

Favorite food or guilty pleasure?

Pizza with pineapple and ham

Hidden talent?


Brunch or linner?


What continent do you most want to visit?


Favorite condiment?


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