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Alumna of the Month: January

Kaitie Benedek

Our January Alumna Feature is Kaitie Benedek. While at Michigan, Kaitie studied Environmental Science and Ecology. Now, Kaitie is putting her academic skills as well as her rugby background to work in her career!

Graduation Year:


Years of Rugby Experience:




What have you been up to since graduation?

I moved to Rawlins, Wyoming to work as a forestry intern for the Bureau of Land Management, then to Texarkana, Texas (where I am now!!) to work as a forestry technician for the Army Corps of Engineers! Basically just wandering around the woods every day :)

Are there any lessons, skills, or memories from your time on the team have been helpful to you since then?

I work in a totally male dominated, physical, field position where my coworkers constantly underestimate my abilities. Rugby taught me to know my own strength and be proud of what I can do with my mind and body. Sometimes when the men I work with try to take things from me, or to do the brute work of my job for me, I remind them “I played rugby, I can handle this.”

What is your favorite Michigan rugby experience?

That’s such a hard question! Probably so many times I hung out with the team outside of rugby. I made so many great friends!!

Do you have any advice for current ruggers?

Cherish the time you have with your team!! It can be hard to find such amazing and inspiring groups of women.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Come visit me in Texarkana so we can show all these Southern men how cool and tough we are! 🤠

Here are some pictures that Kaitie has shared of what she does now!

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