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Alumnae Feature: Ariana Castillo

Ari graduated last year and we already miss her presence on her field. She played scrumhalf for Michigan and continues to play for the Detroit Rugby Football Club!

Graduation year: 2017

Years playing rugby: 2

Position: Scrumhalf

1) Where has life taken you since leaving Michigan?

To my parents house and trying to figure out what to do in life and find a career that’ll benefit the health of people or benefit the environment.

2) Most memorable rugby experience?

Scoring a try against Princeton at CRCs in June 2016.

3) Any rugby experience post graduation?

Yup! I played for Brandon sparks for his 7s legacy team along with some other Michigan alum and we ended up placing fourth in the Midwest overall. It was fun, yet challenging, but I learned a lot about the game and fell in love with it even more. Now I’m playing for Detroit Rugby Football Club (DRFC) thank to Mo, also a Michigan alum, who recruited me to play in the summer. This is only my second 15s season and I play scrum half—the only 15s position I’ve ever known. DRFC has been a great experience so far and my team is currently 3-0 in our league!

4) What do you miss most about Michigan rugby?

I miss driving to Penn State 4 times a year. Just kidding! But I miss the environment of having teammates but also classmates and amazing friends. I also miss being able to rep the block “M”.

5) Advice for current ruggers?

1. Stay hydrated. 2. Don’t ever be discouraged. 3. Hit low and hard!

We wish you luck in everything that you do Ari!

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