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Product Review: SISU NextGen

For rugby players, protection essentially only comes in one form – our mouth guards. SISU Mouth Guard, focused on setting new standards for innovation, quality and functionality, recently launched a new product, the SISU Next Gen and our team was able to try it out!

All SISU mouth guards are made from their patented Diffusix™ Technology which uses a non-compressible polymer that is only 1.6 mm “thin”. The perforated surface of the material also allows their guards towithstand more impact by better deflecting the forces of impact, as well as allows saliva and air to flow so that players can breathe normally and stay better hydrated.

The NextGen capitalizes on SISU’s goals to "design with the athlete in mind", by specifically improving upon the protection and comfort offered by their guards. For one, the perforation pattern of the material was redesigned to include Crumple Zones, where the forces of impact are redirected away from teeth and absorbed by the non-compressible surface of the guard. Most notably though, the NextGen is remoldable up to 20 times. This feature was a highlight for many of our players including forward, Victoria Whydell, who noted, “"It took me a few tries to mold my SISU guard comfortably, so I'm glad it was so easy to just drop the guard back into hot water and start again!"

The thinness, wide bite pad and improved moldability also give the guard an enhanced custom fit. For Whydell, “it's so much thinner and fits closer” than her old guard. The improved fit was also a key for other players like wing, Francine Penikis, who noted that “it feels like there is no mouth guard at all,” which allows her to “play at [her] very best, without having to worry about taking it out to drink, talk, or catch [her] breath.”

Overall, the team gives SISU and the NextGen two thumbs up! Defintiely check out their website to learn more about the Science of SISU and see the products they have to offer.

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