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Alumnae of the Month: November

Ashley Norris

This month we are featuring Ashley Norris! We had a great time getting to know her at last year's alumnae weekend so we wanted to connect with her again and learn more about what she has been up to since leaving Michigan!

Graduation Year: 2006

Years playing rugby: 7

Position: Center, 2nd row, 8 man

1) Where has life taken you since leaving Michigan?

Since leaving Michigan, I moved out to Connecticut and enjoyed living on the east coast for six years. Since then, I moved to Milwaukee four years ago and got married two years later. Currently, I work an industrial engineer in the building and healthcare industries at an architecture firmed called HGA.

2) Most memorable rugby moment?

Playing with the Minnesota Valkyeries in 2006 over spring break in Florida. This helped me make up my mind to continue my rugby career after college and it helped me realize that I have so much more to learn about the sport. Almost any major city has a rugby team which can turn into a new set of 15 friends wherever your travels make take you, so check it out after graduation.

3) Any rugby experience post graduation?

I played for two years with Beantown in Boston and also the Hartford Roses in Connecticut for two years. I tried out for the Northeast select side team but didn't make the cut (gotta tell your falls too!!). I am currently looking to take the rugby referee course so that I can get back involved with the rugby scene from Milwaukee. I also will attend each alumni game so long as my body is willing and able. I look forward to it each time!

4) Advice for current ruggers?

Keep in touch with the few professors that are working in the industry or doing what you may think you want to do for a career. If they're cool, they can help you navigate through your quarter life crisis and beyond.

When people say network, it just means keep in touch and let people know what you are up to and interested in doing in the future. Most people want to help successful smart people succeed and would be willing to chat with you for 20 minutes if you ask them. You can even reach out to strangers on LinkedIn (or something) and pick their brain on the phone or over coffee. When people have you on their mind, they will reach out to you if something comes across their table that may help you. This is a super helpful lesson I learned in the past four years and it has helped me get my last three jobs (not so much by applying on a website)

Finally, ruggers are awesome, always!! Support and stay in touch with your alma mater after you graduate!

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