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May Player of the Month

Desiree (Des) Salazar

This semester we had to say goodbye to many beloved seniors. One of whom is Desiree (Des) Salazar who rocked the field this year, especially when stepping up to play scrum half when we needed her! We wish her the best of luck as she moves to Pennsylvania where she will be pursuing an MFA at the University of Pittsburgh!


Major: Latina/o Studies

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Why rugby?

Rugby is the best way for me to exert any aggression or stress that I've accumulated over the day or week. I also find it to be challenging for me every time I play because not every game is exactly the same. I have my crappy days and my good days, and I'm always looking to improve my crappy days and keep my good days going. The game is also more than a game. It's a community. For me, that is the best part, aside from the tackling, rucking, and scrumming. I make new friends of new players, and I get closer to players I've known for more than a couple semesters. We sing together, we laugh together, and we struggle together. We also sing on buses with other teams together. That's a different story, though. In sum, rugby is challenging, but it also fosters friendships and community. That's why rugby, dude.

In 5 years, what do you see yourself doing?

In five years, I've hopefully gotten an MFA in creative writing, and I hope that I am teaching other Latinas/os who are aspiring writers.

Guilty pleasure?

I like writing in the middle of the night. Sadly, I'm usually tired when this happens, but I don't care. I do this on my free time (a.k.a. the weekends).

Biggest inspiration and why?

My biggest inspiration would have to be Bridgette Dooley (UMWRFC alum). I know Bridgette hasn't been around one hundred percent of the time, but she is always who I think of when I'm facing people bigger than me. I recall she said to f*** s*** up, and that always makes me smile. So if you see me smiling on the pitch before a game, especially when the opposition is huge, you'll know why.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

If I were an ice cream flavor, I'd be a mangonada with a lot of nieve and a lot of Chamoy and Tajin with two tamarind sticks. Sweet and spicy!

Hidden talent?

I draw on my spare time. I'm not that good, but it's the next best thing I can do aside from eating a lot of food.

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