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Alumnae Feature: April

As the spring season and the year race to a close, we are taking the time to honor our Head Coach Shaina Warner as our April alumna of the month! Shaina, along with two other alumnae (Anna Daoud and Stacia Simonsen), has dedicated so much of her time this year to the team and to building her skills as a coach. She is also the only certified female referee for the state of Michigan! Way to represent! She also brings us candy and cupcakes, so what more is there to ask for?

Shaina Warner

Graduation Year: 2013

Years playing rugby: 4 years

Position: On the field: Lock, Off the field: Vice-President for 3 yrs

Nickname: Sheets, Mom

What have you been up to and where are you now? Currently living in Sterling Heights, Michigan. I currently work in the industrial hygiene field. After graduating I had a couple knee surgeries which set some things back so I have switched from playing rugby to refereeing. I currently enjoy taking my dog on walks and reading when I get a chance. Hopefully I will have some spare time soon to road trip and see all my favorite former UMWRFC ruggers.

Most memorable rugby moment? There are many ridiculous and crazy memories involving rugby that I will always fondly remember. The way we bonded through random stops on road trips to games, the games themselves, during practice, and events outside of rugby, will always be the highlights of my college experience.

Any rugby experience post graduation? I am now a certified referee, so I am finally really learning the rules of rugby! I have also been a part of the UMWRFC's coaching staff for the past year.

Advice for current ruggers? Come ready to play, almost everyone starts in the same boat where they have never played before. As long as you put your heart into it, you can do anything. Remember to always be a boss on the field, make everyone regret that they tried to tackle you. The amount of work you put into playing rugby, the blood, sweat and tears, makes you family, everyone is shedding that for each other for a common goal so take care of each other on and off of the field.

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