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  • Zoe Martin

Alumnae Weekend 2016 Recap

Every other year, we have the opportunity to invite alumnae back to campus to connect with our roots, reconnect with the women who came before us, hear the epic stories that have made this club what it is, allow adopted ruggers to see their ‘mamma ruggers’ and, unfortunately, get our butts handed to us in a round of 15s. This year we decided to go with a Vegas theme to go along with our Spring Break trip to Vegas this year!

We kicked off the weekend with a dinner at Connor O'Neill's, enjoying some food and doing what we do best- eat! What better than to accompany the feast with some karaoke. After getting some well-needed rest, we started off our Saturday by caravanning down to the Frech farm (Thanks again Jamie Frech!) for an afternoon of Vegas shows, roullette and crazy games.

Afterwards we headed back to campus and got ready to face off in the alumnae game. The alumnae tried to intimidate us with their display of wigs, but we didn’t let it get to us. Try for try, tackle for tackle, scrum for scrum, we did our best to hold off the alumane but they came out victorious with a final score of 44-19. The score does not tell the whole story though. The current players had some great breaks, one of which included picking off a pass by one of the alums and running it in for a try! A fall rookie, Vicky Whydell says, “After spending a crazy afternoon playing games with and getting to know the alumnae, it was so much fun to set up for a scrum across from some familiar faces and give the whole team a good run for their money-despite what the score line might tell you!”

It’s always great to take some time, touch base with the women who built this program and learn more about the game we all come together to play. We are hoping as a team to integrate more events with alumni and would love to continue to connect with more alumni!

We are currently trying to build an alumni database so if you have time we would really appreciate it if alumnae could fill this form out and encourage others to do so as well! This is such an amazing program that has produced amazing women. We would love to stay in contact with you all!

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