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February Player of the Month

Alexandra (Allie) Schwartz

A budding menace on the field, Allie Schwartz has burst into life this season. Quite literally, she has broken through opposing lines to score some amazing tries during Alumni Weekend, Intrasquad 7s and at practice this month. Can't wait to see what else she'll bring to the field this season.

Year: Sophomore

Major: Economics & Spanish

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Why rugby?

On some level I definitely thought that learning to tackle would make me cool. I ended up loving rugby because of the whole culture that goes with it and how the sport allows me to push myself. I like that its out of the ordinary and it was an opportunity to try something new.

In 5 years, what do you see yourself doing?

Hopefully I'll be employed at a job I love and living somewhere interesting. I definitely still see myself playing rugby and staying active.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I get inspiration from the people around me, so friends, family and teammates all influence me and inspire me with their different attributes. I do tend to find inspiration in female athletes, though. There's just something about seeing such strength and confidence in a woman that makes me want to be the best I can be.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

To be genuine and true to myself. It seems simple but I think it's hard to do sometimes when this means admitting your own flaws or shortcomings. Authenticity is magnetic, though, I think it's a good thing.

If you were an ice cream flavor, what would you be?

Chocolate with the sugar crystal sprinkles.

Favorite Quote?

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - Christopher Robin from Winnie the Pooh

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