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  • Written by Zoe Martin, Edited by Gaia Cicerchia

Sunday is a Cider Mill Day

The leaves were falling and the wolverines took advantage of the fall weather by heading to Cherry Hill Farms for a day of team bonding.

The plaid-covered ruggers followed their hearts to the food, finding delicious donuts, apples galore, and one of the best parts of fall-gallons of cider! But this would only be the beginning of their fall adventure. Meg Melton (’17) and Alena Olsen (’18) found tricycles and tried racing, but the farm terrain didn’t allow them to go very far. Even on a day off you won’t see these girls shy away from a little competition!

The farm also gave the team a chance to see the animals, walk the grounds and take a turbulent hay ride through the orchard. Along with these festivities, it was inevitable that some chaos would ensue; No one is likely to forget Roxy Taginya (’18), losing her phone on the hayride or almost losing Jeethi Nair (’18), to the wilderness of the Cider Mill!

By the end of the afternoon, all the tired out ruggers took tractor pictures in their plaid apparel and headed home, baby pumpkins in one hand and a gallon of fresh apple cider in the other. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if we win or lose a game, it matters that we have these women next to us. The bonds we make are the true testament of a great team!

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