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Alumni Feature: September

This month we are checking in with, Sarah DiStefano!

Nickname: Sarah D

Graduation Year: 2013

Years Playing Rugby: 4

Position: Scrumhalf, backline, team treasurer for 2 years

Where are you now? Currently living in Ft Myers, FL. Sarah finished her masters and will soon be starting a new job at FGCU. Unfortunately, Sarah ended her rugby career during her final year at UM due to a torn ACL.

Advice for current ruggers? Remember that you get back what you put into the team. You not only put everything you have onto the field, you do it off the field too in order to have the best experience and to truly feel part of something greater than yourself. Show up early, be prepared, and always consider what legacy you will leave behind.

Most Memorable Moment? Several, including Nationals run during the 2010-11 season, East Coast rugby trip in the spring of 2012 to Maryland, DC and University of Virginia, and taking ice baths with Shaina.

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