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Meet the 2015 Admin Board!

Meet the 2015 Admin Board!

This year is an exciting year for Michigan Rugby. Lots of changes are happening and luckily we have an amazing admin board to lead us through.

They are: President Megan Melton Vice President Alena Olsen Treasurer Samantha Taylordean Match Secretary Sarah “Adele” Risko Social Chair Francine Penikis Fundraising Kayla Wiggin PR Gaia Cicerchia Apparel Manager Roxana Taginya Equipment Manager Kaitie Benedek Alumni Relations Gabriela Hawk Recruitment Sienna Fasel

Already the admin board has been busy. Our PR chair, Gaia, has developed this amazing website. VP Alena and Treasurer Sam are planning a spring break trip to Las Vegas for the Las Vegas 7s. Apparel Manager Roxy is lining up all sorts of cool swag for the team and fans. Recruitment chair Sienna has been working on signs and posters for back to school events. Everyone is planning and preparing for the fall season, which is sure to be a good one!

This year several exciting things are in store: this spring will be the Alumni Game, as well as hopefully our second trip to the CRCs. Stay tuned for more updates about UMWRFC!

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