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Alumni Feature: August

This month we are checking in with recent graduate, Stephanie Buno!

Graduation Year : 2015

Years playing Rugby: 4 years

Position: Lock/Hooker

Where are you now? Living in Seattle,WA!! Currently working a couple of jobs but planning on working in a research lab or go to MRI technician school in the future. I've been picking up a ton of hobbies in order to adjust to a new city. I've been to a couple of Mudhen rugby practices here as well.

Favorite rugby moment? Not a single moment but pretty much the entire weekend of ruggerfest. It was my last full season of 15s rugby (had too many injuries to keep playing as fully afterward) it was in DC and it was cold, windy and a long drive. We played 2 games a day with 15 girls and no subs. We were all sore and beat up but we came home with first place in our bracket! Ive never been so proud to be a Michigan rugger!

Advice for current ruggers? Work hard! These girls are just as tired and sore as you are - become a player your teammates can depend on. There's no other way to gain friends as fast as through being tackled and beat for 80minutes. When you're exhausted look to your teammates for support and keep going. If you have the right mentality then your body will catch up afterward. Anybody can pick up a rugby ball but it takes a certain amount of crazy to be a rugby player ;)


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