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Welcome to Michigan Women's Rugby!

Joining Michigan Women’s Rugby requires no experience with the sport, just a love for competitive athletics and lasting friendships. Rugby is a game of strategy, grit, and teamwork. Rugby can be played by people of all body types and athletic abilities and it combines elements of many sports. We will teach you everything you need to know so don’t worry if you’ve never even heard of rugby before!


How to Join:


1. Email 

2. Request to join our organization on Maize Pages and submit a participation agreement form. (Mandatory for practices) 

3. Check out our practice page for our current schedule.

4. If you have them, bring cleats and a mouthguard. If not, just wear regular workout clothing and come have some fun! 



If you are interested in playing rugby, please contact us any time at for more information! We are always accepting new players.

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